Club Constitution

1. The name of the Club shall be the MID ESSEX MG OWNERS CLUB thereafter, referred to as 'The Club'.

2, Membership - Membership of The Club will be open to all, The Club shall have a minimum of at least 10 members.

3. Aims and objectives - The aims and objectives of The Club shall be to organise runs and social events, to encourage members to display their vehicles at car club events - to encourage members to take part in Club social events.

4. Committee - The Club shall have a committee consisting of at least the following officers; Chairperson, Treasurer (responsible for financial control) and Secretary (responsible for note taking and correspondence).

5. The role of the committee is to manage all aspects of The Club's administration. The committee shall not work autonomously (planning activities, buying equipment and administering other Club matters) which must be agreed by all members.

6. Any vacancy within the committee will be filled from a member from the existing membership and agreed by the committee.

7. No member of the committee, sub-committee or any ordinary members from the existing membership, shall receive any remuneration from the committee in money or monies worth, with the exception of out of pocket expenses.

8. The committee and membership shall meet at least once a month (normally the first Monday of each month currently).

9. The Chairperson shall have the power to call special meetings open to all members for the purpose of altering the rules of the constitution.

10. Sub-committee - the committee may appoint a sub-committee for special purposes; ie to organise runs, social events etc.

11. Annual General Meeting (AGM) - the committee shall convene an AGM not more than 15 months from the previous AGM. The committee must give 21 days notice of the intended AGM. At the AGM, the ordinary members will elect the following officers as set out on point 4 in the constitution. Those elected will hold office until the next AGM.

12. Rules of procedure (QUORUM) - a minimum of three (3) members must be present at each meeting. (VOTING) every matter shall be determined by the majority of members present and voting. (MINUTES) minutes of all the meetings shall be kept and formally accepted.

13. Finance - the financial year shall run from 3rd August to the 2nd August in the following year.

14. The Treasurer shall keep proper accounts of the finances of The Club. All incoming funds shall be lodged without deduction to The Clubs bank account. All cheques relating to The Clubs bank account shall be signed by any two (2) of the following committee members ie, Chairperson, Treasurer or Secretary.

15. All members must agree to pay for any runs or social events that they have committed too but, then find themselves unable to attend and, also to pay for any food that they have ordered for any run or event.

16. We certify that this is a current copy of the constitution of the MID ESSEX MG OWNERS CLUB, which were adopted at the meeting held on the 15th October 2015.