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  • Here you will find an archive of knowledge and information to keep your MG's on the road and in excellent condition. Most of the content you will find on here comes from Members as a result of their own experience so, bear in mind, its sound advice being given! The Club is a social community and this forum can be a great place to talk about other things than just your cars! You'll see a Social & News Bulletin section where all sorts can be discussed. The objective of this forum is to help you, no matter how small or insignificant the task or question is! The forum is free to read and make a contribution with your posts however, we have a set of rules which are set out below. These rules are set out to help ensure that the forum remains friendly and non-confrontational where, we expect people to respect the opinions and beliefs of others. 1. Please remain courteous and respectful to other users in the forum at all times. Obviously you may not agree with some views but, lets not let this descend into arguments or abuse publicly or any personal messages you may send. If you feel a post is offensive, then please report it rather than trying to deal with it yourself. 2. You will not use any obscene language within the forum. Bear in mind, that general public including children may read any posts within the forum. 3. Consider carefully your username and profile information when you sign up. We will not allow information that includes details that others may take offence too. 4. You will not publish or provide links that are unlawful, abusive, or of a nature deemed to be adult, racist, or derogatory to minorities or gender. 5. Your are prohibited from posting any material or links that could infringe on intellectual property rights, trademark or copyright or any rights to a third party. 6. You will not post any irrelevant or non-contributory information. We class this as forum spamming! 7. If a post has been removed by admin, you may not re-publish the post. If you have a query and want to know why it has been removed, you will need to contact admin to find out the reasons why. 8. You may not use the forum to attempt or collect any personal information of other members. 9. You are prohibited from taking any action to disturb or upset the forum by other members in any way. 10. The Club will not be held responsible or libel for any legal repercussions from any posts made by registered users. Any legal action which arises from a post you make on the Mid Essex MG Owners Club obligations which are deemed under those circumstances would be to delete the offending message in order to comply with the law under the Defamation Act 1996. Any litigation for defamation, libel or otherwise highly offensive or illegal content, would then rest with the 'original owner' of said content and post. 11. CLUB CLASSIFIEDS We want to ensure that the ability to buy, sell or offer items are as easy and convenient as possible to all members that who belong to the Club so, anyone can view Club Classfieds. However, due to the rising opportunists and profiteers, note that there are some important where you are required to comply with. 11.1 Use of the Club Classifieds are for Members that have registered themselves on this forum. If you wish to advertise any items in this section, you are required to sign up. To do this, click on the 'Join Up' button at the top of the page. The Club cannot be held responsible or held liable for any adverts published for the sale of goods or services, either by our Members or any organisation. 11.2 Items posted here must carry the asking price. Asking for offers is not acceptable however, the only exception is when selling a vehicle as a whole! Then the use of OVNO or ONO is excepted, which is the acceptable method of selling cars. 11.3 For your own personal safety and security, we ask members not to include telephone numbers or email addresses. You can leave you name and Members can find details in the Club's Members Directory for direct contact. The exception being if the person listing is a non-member or trader. 11.4 The Club will not be liable for any actions from the buyer or seller of any items listed, and prefer not to be involved in any dispute resolution, all we ask that "common sense" be applied when offering an item for sale. Always ask for payment in full before passing the item on, and if there are any issues with providing your item to the person wishing to buy it, then we suggest you contact them directly and any monies issued to be returned back to them. As a buyer, you should be confident that the seller is of good repute. The Club cannot be held responsible for any failures in any transaction between the buyer or the seller. 12. The Club reserves any right to amend or modify any of the rules without notice. Members failure to comply with any of the forum rules may result in your posts being deleted and your account removed from the Mid Essex MG Owners Club Forum.
  • Sadly, the time has come for us to re-home Mollie the Midget to someone who will be able to get a much enjoyment and pleasure from her as we have. Ideally this will be someone with a love of MG's, who will be willing to care for her in the manner to which she has become accustomed and maybe bring her along to classic shows in the future. We though one of your members may be looking to invest or know of someone looking for the perfect Midget. Mollie is a true gem! It is unlikely that there is a better example available! Mollie can be viewed at our home, minutes from the A12 just north of Colchester, or phone Clive (number available from Cathy) for an informal chat (about all things MG!) Eastern England get the first bite at the cherry! We look forward hearing from you. £7.000 0vno Clive & Gill Hubbert gilhubbert@gmail.com
  • We were approached by a member of the public at the Festival of Steam & Transport. He has for sale a 1973 'L' reg MG Midget in Orange. The car has been garaged for 2 years and due to the bereavement of a family member the car is no longer wanted. Priced at £4,000 o.n.o. it sounds like a sound investment. Contact Danny on 07711 825438 or email b.beckingsale@sky.com

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