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Where Memories Begin.....

Bespoke Memorabilia are a small memorabilia business but offer quality products which, can give members or friends and family a unique present for Christmas as well as birthdays.

Whether it be acrylic plate prints or bespoke commissions for your cherished vehicles they offer quality merchandise that will last a lifetime.

Take a look at their website today!


The committee have made the decision to cancel this Sunday's AGM (Sunday 23rd August) after receiving legal advice and with the current situation of COVID-19, it was decided to withdraw this date. We have an 18 month window where we can hold the 2020 AGM and will look to set a new date once the restrictions are more favourable.

Members will receive an email/phone call advising of the cancellation and will be updated in due course, once a new date is set.

Listen to our BBC Radio Essex Show

Its not everyday you get asked to go 'live' onto anything but thats what happened for us.

BBC Radio Essex contacted us after looking at our website and found us to be of interest for one of their radio presenters.

Ben Fryer, who covers the morning breakfast show, needed convincing that convertibles were a great item to own, as he basically detests them.

Brian Applegate was given the task to show Ben why, we own our vehicles and why they are great as an all rounder not just for summer.

Listen to the show in the clip below.

00:00 / 04:28

Mid Essex MGOC AGM 2020

We had planned our AGM via Zoom however, on a trial run, it was deemed to be bit complicated and it would be a non runner.

So the Committee have decided in light that we cannot use the Top Oak as a venue for the time being, that we would hold the AGM 'outdoors' (as long as weather is permitting).


The decision has been made to hold the AGM at Hatfield Heath (by the Chuch) with a planned 1pm start. Members are advised to wear masks and bring sanitisers as well as chairs so that everyone is comfortable.

This is the time to have your say in the way the Club is being run. If you cannot attend the meeting, please contact Brian or Cathy. 

Member's Drive It Day

With the current lockdown in place, a couple of our members took advantage of getting their MG's out for some essential shopping. They took a mystery tour which involved members input as to where they were going and ended up at Cammas Hall Farm Shop, this was a great way of supporting local business in the area and also showed our bond with our newly acquired friends. Take a look at the video and also in our 'photo albums' section to see other videos and pics. Well done to the Ironmongers!

A Message To Our Members

Our Chairperson and Club Secretary, took the time to give some light hearted relief as we pass a month into lockdown! Well, we know these two have their moments but i think this lockdown has taken its toll, the question is who threw the first punch and who came out worse?

Take a look at the video below:-

Coronavirus COVID-19

As everyone is possibly aware, the Coronavirus is the topic that is currently the most talked and televised pandemic virus on the planet!

With the goverment to put in place guidelines where there are mass gatherings, we have already seen the Premier League and other sporting events cancelled or postponed whilst preventative measures are put in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19!

What does that mean for the Classic Car Community?

Well, some events are already posting on social media as well as their own websites, that they are postponing and even canceling events or at best looking to move dates to later on in the year.

We are keeping a close eye on all events that we have currently placed on our website and will update you all on any information that we may receive.

For all our Members and visitors to the site, please be vigilant and be safe and follow the NHS guidelines on how to look after yourself against the virus.


If your unsure how to deal with Coronavirus, click on the link below:-

E10 Fuel - The Threat to Classic Cars

The Department of Transport has reaffirmed its intention to introduce a "greener"standard of unleaded fuel 'E10' by 2021.

This is all part of the governments standard of zero emissions by 2050. This new grade of petrol has 10% bioethanol and will help save 750,000 tons of CO2 each year.

The government estimates that this has the same effect as removing 350,000 vehicles off the road!

But this poses a major problems for owners of classic cars. Currently classic cars happily run on E5 petrol which is currently on sale however, E10 petrol has a higher percentage of ethanol and can cause all sorts of problems for them.

According to the Department of Transport, the potential issues are:-

Blocked fuel filters

Damaged fuel pumps

Degradation to flexible fuel lines

Corroded carburettors 

The government has pledged that E5 will still be widely when E10 goes on sale, although, there will be an  economic sting in the tale for classic car owners, as it may be sold as "Super" grade unleaded.

If you like to read more on this article, go to our Blog page, where you can add your comments to this debate.

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